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Everyone in the organization is already Greece Phone Number List communicating, so if the communication department is involved, it is someone’s decision. I think it’s best to discuss those decisions in your team! For example, is it normal for 100% of new initiatives to come through the communications Greece Phone Number List department? Do the 50% of the projects that are a success have to be confirmed in the raison Greece Phone Number List d’être via extra communication? If 10% of the service changes on 1 point, should there be separate messages about this?

It’s all those requests together that Greece Phone Number List hit the communications department like an avalanche. And often just before the big holidays (when you are ready). You ask, we run? Suppose that a communication consultant starts to advise even more? And that you set up Greece Phone Number List communication processes in project teams of 4 people. A quartet that in turn updates their own supporters and also gauges their first reactions. In which a client has a seat with knowledge of internal processes, a communication Greece Phone Number List consultant who looks ‘from the outside in’ (without wearing legal and/or fatalistic glasses).

A first-line employee who (so) speaks Greece Phone Number List to many customers. And a second-line employee as Subject Matter Expert (SME) who knows the files. So that foursome, where you mainly ask people who alre Greece Phone Number Listady live the core values ​​of your organization. From such a team you would tell all the stories in the right way, right? Hold this dream for a while. In reality, as I know it, it is often hectic. Everything is completely different… Faults that you Greece Phone Number List need to pay 100% attention to And it goes differently… “Send the newsletter again”, someone in the hallway asks, “The word ‘obligation to provide information’ is described differently.”